sustainable fashion

rebellelion is dedicated to sustainable fashion, only sourcing materials that are both environmentally friendly and ethically produced. we are unwavering in our belief that fashion should do no harm to the world in which it was created. we were stunned by the devastating detriment the fashion industry has on the world and wanted to do our best in providing information to inspire positive change.

ethical impact

rebellelion is created by a single seamstress in denver, colorado. we only source our materials locally from companies we are confident uphold the same level of ethics we require for our production. as we grow we are dedicated to ethical labor and fair practices after learning about the dehumanizing impact the fashion industry has on communities worldwide

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photo by rebecca grant

photo by katie langley

environmental impact

rebellelion is fiercely dedicated to sustainable creation & we do everything in our power to deliver a product with the smallest footprint possible. the vast majority of our materials are recycled or donated. we often use scraps left over from other textile manufacturers and the process to re-purpose these fabric pieces is tedious & time consuming, yet worth the effort to minimize the waste that ends up in landfills. bonus fun- hunting for vintage patches anywhere we can!

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sustainable consumerism

we know the information about the impact of the fashion industry is overwhelming and figuring out how to fight back against a billion dollar industry can create challenges that seem insurmountable, but you can only climb a mountain one step at a time. you have the power to make a big impact!

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photo by amanda piela