rebellelion is a fashion focused brand known for upcycled denim and eclectic handmade pieces. we’re rebelles & artists seeking creative expression rather than corporation. we strive to uplift a creative community and love connecting to the world around us through social events & collaboration. proudly made in denver, colorado!

eco & ethical

the majority of the resources we use come from recycled textiles or donations. when it is necessary to source our materials elsewhere we always choose ethically, only using products from companies that treat their employees with dignity & pay livable wages. every piece of rebellelion is handcrafted as the artistic expression of a single seamstress.

cruelty free

we’re passionately cruelty free and do not agree with the use of animal leather or fur, unless these textiles have been recovered and would otherwise be wasted- such as second hand or vintage clothing. we never contribute to the active market of animal harm for fashion. we're equally conscious of the environmental effect of faux materials, often made from plastic, and never purchase these items new, only recycled.