customizable biker shorts

hand painted prints

These prints were first painted with acrylic on paper. When digitizing these styles I had texture in mind and left each print messy on purpose to keep that authentic hand painted feel. I trusted the fabric printing to a local business here in Denver, CO!


made to order

The design of your biker shorts is entirely in your hands! Choose your favorite print for each leg & the waistband, mix & match as you please. These high waisted biker shorts are super comfortable with a double paneled waistband for extra support. This design has a butt dart seam for an extra flattering fit for your peach! Choose from four different lengths to design your perfect fitting biker shorts that are eco-friendly & ethically made! Each garment is cut by hand & sewn in my Denver, CO workshop to your exact specifications!

four different lengths

Rebelle biker shorts are available in four different lengths so you can find you perfect fit. Most of the models in our pictures are wearing the “standard length”. Our “long length” hits just above the knee for those who like extra leg coverage. Our “short length” is perfect for pole dancers, volleyball players or anybody who wants to show off their gams! Our “mini length” is a great fit as cheerleading spankies or as briefs for aerial performers & burlesque dancers.


fabric made from recycled bottles

Rebelle biker shorts are made from Repreve fabric which is woven using fibers from plastic bottles! How is this possible? Inside a U.S. based factory recycled plastic bottles are sorted, washed, then shredded into think flakes. The flakes are then melted into small pellets that are strained through small holes that help create long, thin fibers. These fibers are then woven into fabric!

You might be wondering, does Repreve fabric feel like plastic? The answer is no! Repreve fabric feels like any yoga or athletic wear fabric you are familiar with, soft & stretchy! This state of the art process creates quality fabric that embeds wicking, cooling & warming properties and water repellency into the fibers.

how it's made

Each garment is made to order to accommodate customization, in addition to cutting down on unnecessary waste caused from creating excess inventory. Every pair of biker shorts are cut by hand, then sewn right here in Denver, Colorado by a single seamstress, Rebellelion’s designer Madelyn Hadel. This gives you complete control over the design and fit of your specific order! Current production time is 2 weeks + shipping.