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Crooked Smile Denim Jacket


Upcycled from authentic Levi’s denim featuring a variety of mouth patches along each arm, no two the same. Black denim racing stripes trace the length of each arm & on the front is a black denim patch decorated with boro stitching. On the back of the jacket are hand-cut terry cloth lips that proclaim crooked smile in fuzzy textured cursive.

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This jacket is the only one of its kind! Grab it before it's gone!

one of a kind

My upcycled denim jackets are truly the heart & soul of Rebellelion. No two jackets are ever the same. I'm heavily influenced by Japanese Boro & love incorporating repetitive stitching patterns into my work. I'm obsessed with texture & love layering textiles, leaving loose threads for added dimension. I prefer sewing with a zig zag stitch for an aesthetic that is unpolished & scribbly.

secondhand materials

I source all of my jackets secondhand & always choose high quality denim like Levi's, Wrangler & Lee. Each jacket design is approached as a collage piece- utilizing scrap fabric & a variety of patches that were treasure hunted & collected over the past decade. Some of my patches are purchased new from independent designers, but the majority are vintage or picked up from thrift stores & Ebay.