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As the name implies, Madelyn wanted her clothing to be a rebellion against current industry standards. She hated seeing the messages in the media how to dress and how to look.
Rebellelion believes fashion should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Everything out of Rebellelion is recycled, handmade and treasure hunted, gathered from thrift or vintage stores, attics and garage sales, alleyways and craigslist.

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My favorite thing is seeing people who buy my denim pieces and incorporate their own flair, like adding pins and sewing on new patches. I love the idea of lifestyle pieces and having something, like a denim jacket, that you can evolve over a lifetime.

print editorials

HIC! Magazine

February 2021
Photographer: Anastasiia Balaganskaia
Model: Cindy Hoang
MUA: Ekaterina Tuli
Clothing: Rebellelion

Pump Magazine

October 2020
Photographer: Zach Hagy
Models: Aisha Neal, Sydney Antonia
MUA: Shark Rybar
Clothing: Rebellelion

Salt Magazine

October 2019
Photographer: Cam Parsons
Models: Hida Aguilar, Aidana Tokenova, Rielle Li, Yashi Uppalapati, Mariah Comlan, Jahla Osborne
MUA: Jess Nordstrom, Diana Molina, Izi Aragon
Hair: Bridget Burke, Frankie Scordia
Clothing: Rebellelion

Denver Style Magazine

October 2016
Photographer: Ken Howard
Model: Fronzo Gilkey
Clothing: Rebellelion

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